Do you see any service?

NO, we only provide free recommendations.


Do you take responsibility for anything sold on your website

No do not provide any selling or buying service guarantee, please turn to service provider. You can leave a feedback to us if you want to complain about something.


Is it free to list my telephone service on your website?

Yes it is totally free, only if you want to show your website on the front page it will cost you extra.

Can i list more than one domain or website?

Yes as many as you like.

Can i have many account?

Please only create one account, if you have more than one account with the same IP your account might be deleted.

Will you send me email or newsletters?

Yes we will send you a few emails a month but if you want to opt out you can do that at any time. But we want to warn you you will miss out on some great free stuff.

Will you sell my email to 3-party?

No never!

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